Years of Service: 
May, 2018 to June, 2020
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Dylan Mullins
Board Secretary/Clerk
Dylan is from Marlboro, New Jersey and is currently studying political science and public policy at Rutgers University. He served as the 2017 SADD National Student of the Year. Dylan joined SADD at the end of his freshmen year of high school because he believed the organization’s peer-to-peer outreach was especially effective in making a lasting impact on his community. Throughout his term as Student of the Year, Dylan worked with dozens of organizations, spreading SADD’s mission and forming partnerships. He continues his leadership this year serving on the 2018 SADD College Advisory Council as the Student of the Year Emeritus. In addition to his role at SADD, Dylan is also a volunteer EMT at his local First Aid and Rescue Squad where he loves to serve his community in times of need.